Maplewood Moms Organize Parent Support Team

This year we are excited to bring you a new and meaningful addition to our school, the Parent Support Team.

Who we are:

Renei is mom to 3rd grader Cozbi and 1st grader Zenobia. She says “My greatest parenting challenge is feeling like I’m never doing enough.”
Camille is mom to 1st grader Bijou adn Oona, who is a future Mustang! She says “My greatest parenting challenge is getting to school on time … and learning patience.”

Parent Support bios

Our goal with this position is to:

1. Empower families with information to support their children’s learning at home;
2. Facilitate communication between staff, parents, and administrators;
3. Offer opportunities for families to participate in school planning, leadership and volunteering;
4. Connect families to in-school and community support and resources;
5. Encourage parents to get involved in the school community and decision making process;
6. Cultivate a school environment where all feel welcome and respected

We can help with things like:

• finding child care
• after school activities
• parenting classes
• language barriers
• summer camp
• parent/teacher relationships
• job search
• improving communication and leadership skills
• parenting books and resources
• study materials
• community resources
• Notary Public, and so many more.

To contact us please call 512-522-7345 or email