Green Team in Action During Keep Austin Beautiful

By Amanda Braziel

The Maplewood Green Team, in conjunction with FrOG, participated in Keep Austin Beautiful‘s Clean Sweep on the lovely, cool, mosquito-free morning of April 8. About 13 volunteers, including several students from Maplewood and folks from the surrounding community, showed up to clean Upper Boggy Creek between Cherrywood Green and Lafayette Ave. We mailed letters to private property owners along the banks of the creek in advance of our event so we could do a more thorough job than when we cleaned just the public creek areas on It’s My Park Day back in March.  We filled several bags of trash and recycling and pulled out a couple of bulky items, including box springs and a massive tangle of wires that had evidently been left behind by utility crews. The most interesting piece of litter we recovered was a love note! We also moved some rocks and natural debris and removed algae overgrowths to improve the flow of water in the creek.  We even saw fish upstream from the Green! Unfortunately, we also discovered a HUGE deposit of single-use styrofoam and plastic water bottles that we did not have enough bags or volunteers to completely remove that day. We really need to get back in there to remove all of that pollution soon.

Sunshine and Emily Mathon led a group of volunteers in a KAB cleanup of Willowbrook Reach, and they picked up 5 bags’ worth of trash from creek. If you are interested in assisting with future Green Team-sponsored clean ups, please email me.

Photos by Amanda Braziel