Celebration of Life Festival at Maplewood

By Erin Magrath

Maplewood Elementary will be participating in a Celebration of Life festival the week of 10/29/17 and with CLI (Creative Learning Initiative) inspired performances on November 3rd, 2017 starting a 1 p.m. We are celebrating different cultural traditions throughout the world that celebrate an end to a natural cycle.

These traditions were created as a way to explain natural phenomena; and bringing in an SEL element, a way to honor, remember, and respect those that have died in our families and communities. Some traditions which will be studied by Maplewood students are Celtic Samhain (Halloween) with the seasonal cycle, Mexico’s Day of the Dead and the Monarch Butterfly Migration cycle, and the Hungry Ghost festival of Southeast Asia in relation to the lunar cycle.

In addition, we have a community partner, Mayra Sotelo, who will be giving a Mexican cultural read aloud in traditional Dia de los Muertos costume in our library, November 2nd in the morning. Please feel free to come and celebrate with the Maplewood community on either of these dates.

Dia de los Muertos altar at Maplewood. Photo by Elizabeth McQueen.

Photo by Elizabeth McQueen.