PTA Board Meeting Agenda, May 3, 2017

Maplewood Elementary School Library, 5-6 p.m.

  1. Treasure’s Report
  2. Discussion and possible Action: Presentation by Chris Levack, sculptor
  3. Discussion and possible Action: Creating a Financial Reconciliation Committee –three people who are not signers and not the treasurer
  4. Discussion and possible action: Review of Potential Budget for Next Year
  5. Spring Fling Updates/ Call for volunteers
  6. Committee Updates
  • Teacher Appreciation
    Membership/Volunteer Appreciation
    Parent Prom
    Landscaping Gardens
    General PTA Meetings
    Volunteer Coordination
    Grant writing

7. Items Not on Agenda

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Last Maplewood Food Pantry Drive is Tuesday, December 13

The final Maplewood food pantry drive for 2016 is Tuesday Dec. 13. There are many Maplewood families who depend on their kids eating breakfast and lunch at school, and don’t necessarily have the budget for those extra meals over the break. We would love to make it a supersized collection, so please bring a donation at drop off or pick up!

Below is a list of the best foods to donate to the food pantry – please bring as what you can and/or $10 gift cards to HEB to school tomorrow.

  • cans of tuna, chicken and beans
  • jarred peanut and almond butter
  • cans of mixed vegetables
  • canned beef stew, canned vegetable soup (low sodium)
  • jarred baby food, packages of baby cereal and cookies, and cannisters of formula
  • condiments and spices (e.g. mayonnaise)
  • cooking oil: canola and olive oil
  • fruits packed in water or fruit juice rather than heavy syrup (canned or cups)
  • whole grain pasta
  • boxed whole grain rice
  • boxes plain instant oatmeal
  • shelf-stable milk
  • snacks for kids (low sugar): snack bars, granola bars

2016 Mustang Olympics a Runaway Success

The 2016 Mustang Olympics were held April 25 and 26, and Maplewood’s students had a blast celebrating Earth Day and enjoying a field day. Games included sprints, compost obstacle course, trash dash, save the animals long jump, lights out accuracy throw, and more, ending with a tug of war.The athletes had to read environmental information and then answer a question to participate. Parents brought granola bars and fruit to nourish the competitors, and many came out to cheer. It was a great spring day for outdoor sports!

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Photos by Jennifer Potter-Miller



Maplewood Celebrates Earth Day 2016

By Amanda Braziel

Maplewood loves our Earth! Student Council hosted an Earth Day pledge this morning and assisted with preK -2nd graders’ recycling efforts in the cafeteria today after making the rounds with Ms. Kirk this week to teach students how to sort their landfill/compost/recycling in the cafeteria “waste station” line. Safety Patrol raised an Earth flag on our pole and 5th graders toured the Resource Recovery/Recycling center. Ms. Leaman led students in making recycled paper beaded necklaces. Mr. Ellison is having an Eco-themed Mustang Olympics. Most classes garden, recycle, and learn how to be environmentally friendly. Some classes even compost and have vermiculture (worm farms)! We learned about landfills and recycling in the library this week. What a great place to be on Earth Day and every school day! Go, Mustangs!