Garden Work Day September 16

Join Maplewood gardeners on Saturday, September 16 to refresh our school’s vegetable garden boxes and get them ready for the fall growing season! We will also do some general cleanup of the grounds. Bring your kids, gloves, and garden tools. We will have water and snacks for everyone.

Also, if you have a green thumb and want to share your love of gardening, let your child’s teacher know you can help them during the semester!

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Photos by J. Potter-Miller/Maplewood PTA


FAQ: What should I bring to the Maplewood Food Pantry?

  • There are many Maplewood families who depend on the school’s food pantry to get through a difficult time. If you’re wondering what the best foods to donate to the food pantry are, check the list below. Please bring what you can and drop off food in the boxes by the school entrance as well as the gym, office and pantry. You can also donate cash or HEB gift cards in the office with Ms. Alma.

    cans of tuna, chicken and beans

  • jarred peanut and almond butter
  • cans of mixed vegetables
  • canned beef stew, canned vegetable soup (low sodium)
  • jarred baby food, packages of baby cereal and cookies, and cannisters of formula
  • condiments and spices (e.g. mayonnaise)
  • cooking oil: canola and olive oil
  • fruits packed in water or fruit juice rather than heavy syrup (canned or cups)
  • whole grain pasta
  • boxed whole grain rice
  • boxes plain instant oatmeal
  • shelf-stable milk
  • snacks for kids (low sugar): snack bars, granola bars

PTA Board Meeting Sept. 6, 2017

PTA Board Meeting, Sept. 6, 2017

1. Discussion and possible action: creation of a process for non budgeted items
2. Budget Update
3. Update on Cafeteria Worker gift cards. Can someone be responsible for buying them?
4. Discussion and possible action: Film Kids Brian Cox presents
5. Discussion and possible Action: Mustang Stampede — October 12th ¬†and during school.
6. Discussion and possible action: Approve the purchase of 50 computers at the request of the tech team.
7. Discussion and possible action: Buy 300 lanyards (aprox $350) for parents
8. Request forX Acto High Capacity Professional Trimmer $89
9. Discussion and possible action: Change date of PTA Meeting scheduled for May 10th
10. Discussion and possible action :Change Date of Parent Prom
11. Discussion and possible action: Creation of a YearBook Committee<
12. Quick Committee Updates. 1-2 mins each.